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About Lochan Publications

Lochan Publications is among India’s leading publishers and distributors of print and digital learning material with strengths in school books, competitive exam books, e-books and online test series. Lochan Publications has published a gamut of books that caters to various competitive exams and entrance exams. With a history of 5 yrs, the company has been catering to the educational needs of the students by providing them the upgraded learning materials, assessments and learning techniques. Lochan Publications caters to not just the academic abilities of the students but also prepares them for the bigger challenges of life. Publication has always had an upper hand in its approach of executing innovative ideas in revolutionizing education across the Nation.

LP enhances the level of education and awareness of subject knowledge among aspirants through books across various verticals like competitive exam books, Govt. vacancy exams, school books, ebooks and etests. In a market that is fragmented, Lochan Publications has managed to make its significance felt since its inception. Our books are synonymous with high quality educational publishing and are considered a leading choice for reference book materials. We consistently try to offer the most progressive, futuristic and aspirant-focused study materials and journals across India.

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